Rangasthala and Muddenahalli

Date: 28th September 2009. A Monday. Auspicious occasion of Vijayadashami.

This being the first post in this blog, I suppose I need to give you some background on us before proceeding to the actual post. We live in Bangalore, India. Traveling around Bangalore on weekends is something I dearly love to do. There are many a gems located hidden and unknown to the typical ‘tourist’ or for that matter even localites don’t necessarily know them! Many of these places have their own charm, not to mention importance! It gives me great thrill to visit such places! This blog is an attempt to make the larger populace aware of these gems and provide my 2 pence of information on these lovely gems. The words you see here are (mostly) mine and the pictures you will see are (mostly) by my husband Nagesh.

On this particular date, we embarked on a small little trip to Rangasthala and Muddenahalli. 2 relatively unknown places in the district of Chikkaballapur which neighbors Bangalore on the north.

We found some excellent information on Alemaari’s blog on a trip he had undertaken to these very places. Armed with this, we set out for Rangasthala. Not too early in the morning mind you… given my lazy husband we managed to leave only around 11:30 in the morning :)

The road to Rangasthala is via Chikkaballapur. From Bangalore take the NH 7, aka Bellary Road, past the Bangalore International Airport (BIAL) to Chikkaballapur. Within Chikkaballapur take the left next to the bus stand. This is the State highway leading to Gauribidanur. The immediate next village on this road is 5km away and at the end of this village you will find an arch on the right side for Ranaganatha Swamy temple. Follow this road to this lovely temple, built in the Vijayanagar style. However, so called ‘renovation’ has taken its toll on this lovely monument. Given his disappointment at the renovation on the main entrance, my husband was not even willing to post the snap of the front. The snap here is from the side. You can take a look at what ‘used to be’ on Alemaari’s blog.

Ranganathaswamy temple at Rangasthala

A lovely snap of Lord Ranganatha with Sreedevi and Bhoodevi.
Lord Ranganatha with Sreedevi and Bhoodevi

The area around Rangasthala is littered with lush green fields as far as the eye can see and many a floral field among them!
Flowers in a field near Rangasthala

Post Rangasthala, we had lunch in Chikkaballapur. Important information for anyone heading out to in and around Chikkaballapur. There are nearly no restaurants which are worthwhile. We ate at Shanti Sagar, which is on the left hand side just while you enter Chikkaballapur when coming from Bangalore. Pretty decent. On an earlier trip we had eaten at a ramshackle ‘Sai Palace Hotel’ and had found the experience eminently forgettable!

Given that it was around 2 in the afternoon, we decided to head further to neighboring Muddenahalli. Muddenahalli’s claim to fame is that this is the quaint little village where Bharatratna Sir M Visweswaraiah (fondly called Sir MV) was born! Possibly the greatest Engineer ever from India! His birthday which falls on September 15th is celebrated as Engineers Day in India. For the two of us, being engineers, Muddenahalli was a must see given that there is a museum dedicated to Sir MV there. The museum is situated right next to his ancestral home.

Sir MV's house in Muddenahalli

There is a memorial dedicated to Sir MV a little further away. Set amidst pristine surroundings, the memorial is within a lovely little park which has been well maintained.

A memorial to Sir MV at Muddenahalli

We decided to head back home after spending some time there. On the way back, as we approached Devanahalli (known more for BIAL), our attention was caught by a seemingly well maintained fort. To our amazement we found that this was the Devanahalli Fort. This is the birth place of Tipu Sultan, popularly known as the ‘Tiger of Mysore’. Given the already overcast skies and our general lack of knowledge about the fort, we decided to just have a peek at what lay within…. to return some other day for a more detailed visit :)

Devanahalli fort - inside view

After this we started back home and reached by 4.30 in time for a cup of coffee :)

Map of Rangasthala and Muddenahalli on Google Maps

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