This post is about a beautiful hillock called Karighatta (translates to Black Hill in Kannada) near Srirangapatna. Though I am from Mysore, I did not know of the existence of this place till I found it in a list of weekend getaways online!

On one of the long weekend trips to Mysore we decided to go to this place. The route is fairly easy. If you are coming from Bangalore on Mysore Road, take a left just before hitting Srirangapatna. This road also goes to Somanathapur – the nice fellows from Karantaka Tourism have put up a board for Somanathapur on the highway and that should act as a nice marker.

On this road keep a watch out for the steps leading to the top of the hill on the left side of the road (should be around 4-5 kms once you get off Mysore road). There is a bus stop here and a winding road goes up to the top of the hill next to this. One can also decide to hike up and there are steps leading up the hill if you choose to. We however took the road.

The road itself was in pretty decent condition. However it is a little steep at places and narrow at the curves, so that if you encounter another vehicle coming in the opposite direction it can be a little tricky. We started from Mysore at around 3.30 PM and reached Karighatta at 4 PM. We decided not to stay for a long time as we didn’t want to risk driving downhill after dark given the sharp turns and the lack of lighting on the road. This however was at the cost of missing the fabulous sunset for which this place is reputed! So I guess one more trip to this place is due :)

There is an old Srinivasa temple atop this hill. The speciality of this temple is that darbe hullu which is used for most of the rites is given as prasadam instead of flowers to devotees who come here. More info about this temple can be found here.

Karighatta | Srinivasa Temple

The temple is surrounded by dry scrubland having plenty of tamarind trees :) One can get a fabulous view of surrounding areas from a dilapidated view point. Kunti Betta in Pandavapura could also be seen from here.

Karighatta | A view showing the distant Kunti Betta

On a clear day you can really see for miles and miles! The view from near the temple of the Lokapavani, a tributary of river Kaveri, is beautiful!

View from the 'black hill'


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