Omkar Hills, Bangalore

There are many places in and around Bangalore of which not many are aware. This post is about one such place in south Bangalore near Raja Rajeshwari Nagar called Omkar hills. This place is said to be the highest point in Bangalore.

Omkar Hills | A View

I had read up about this place and decided to go there on a weekend.This was 2 years ago. It was hard to find out the route to this place as there was no map/directions! We tried to approach this place from Rajarajeshwari Nagar. Alas any road that we took was leading to a dead end. With the frustration level mounting, we almost gave up and decided to drive back home. This was not to be so :) We found an easy route thanks to some gentleman!

When driving on Mysore Road from Bangalore,take the left at Uttarahalli Main Road,drive past the BGS Apollo hospital and then take the right next to JSS College. This road goes to the top of Omkar Hills. You will find a detailed map and link to Google maps at the bottom of this post.

Omkar Hills has a temple and Ashram which was founded by Shri Shivapuri Mahaswamiji. More details can be seen here.

One of the main attractions of this place is the huge clock tower built by HMT at the entrance which is claimed to be the second biggest in the world. It is also said to be bigger than the Big Ben. The clock was supposed to chime the sound of a conch being blown followed by the om sound five times at the striking of every hour.  Sadly the clock has stopped working now.

Omkar Hills | The LARGE Clock

The swamiji’s samadhi is also housed – opposite the clock in a little enclosure. There are a beautiful set of steps leading up. These steps are laden with beautiful flowering trees and plants. When you look up those steps you sort of feel that they are leading you to the edge of the earth into another world!

Omkar Hills | Path to salvation?

Upon climbing a few steps one can see an old banyan tree surrounded by statues representating various faiths/religions. Ramanujacharya, Shankaracharya, Madhwacharya, Jesus, Koran, Buddha, Mahaveera and the Guru Granth Sahib as far as I recollect.

Omkar Hills | Banyan Tree

Omkar Hills | Multiple religions and faithsOmkar Hills | Multiple religions and faithsOmkar Hills | Multiple religions and faiths

Omkar Hills | Multiple religions and faithsOmkar Hills | Multiple religions and faiths

Omkar Hills | Multiple religions and faithsOmkar Hills | Multiple religions and faithsOmkar Hills | Multiple religions and faiths

The view of the city outskirts from the top is nice. A new temple was being constructed in the premises opposite to the banyan tree.

Omkar Hills | Temple Construction

And finally leaving you with one final look of the whole place!

Omkar Hills | Full View


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15 Responses to Omkar Hills, Bangalore

  1. Varshitha says:

    Lovely pics… Will surely visit… If i had known it earlier I wudve gone thousand times there….anyways thanks for sharing

  2. soniya says:

    Recently i hear about this place… definitly i will come there an i wnt to meet the swamiji

  3. sweety says:

    can u plz tell bus nr to visit hills from kengeri???

  4. shruthi says:

    Nice place.Thanks for posting it up :) Great pics.

  5. Pramod says:

    Nice place. HMT clock is working fine. :) with ohm chants five times each hour.

  6. Sankar says:

    Nice place, Missed it, was in Bangaluru just last week. Next visit is a must see.

  7. Mithun S says:

    It’s an wonderful place to visit in the evening and with family.I am thankful to the author for giving good direction.

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