This post is on one of the first weekend trips that we did way back in September 2007. It was a Sunday morning and we were feeling restless at home. We wanted to go on a long drive. I used to follow a blog on travels around Bangalore by Alemaari. We decided to browse through the blog to see if we could figure out some place to go. Krishnagiri dam on the outskirts of the Krishnagiri town which is around 90 kms from Bangalore sounded a good proposition since the highway past Karnataka border was supposed to be great for a long drive. The blog had good amount of details about the place and the route.



We started from home at around 2 PM after having lunch. Once we crossed the Tamilnadu border, the road changed for the better. [By the way, the roads from Bangalore on the Karnataka side of the border have since improved very much :) You do need to note that this trip of ours was well over 3 years back.] Lush green fields could be seen on both sides of the road. We saw a fort of Tipu Sultan at Shoolagiri perched on a hillock.

Lush Farmland enroute to Krishnagiri Dam

A shack on farmland

Reflections of farmland

Krishnagiri Fort

A panaromic view on the road from Bangalore to Chennai

The Dam

This dam is built across the Thenpennai river and the views of the hills in the distance from the dam are fabulous. There are lush green gardens on one side of the dam. You need to walk for about a kilometer from the entrance gate to reach the dam. The trees on the hill opposite the dam were all shaped liked the flat umbrellas. Maybe its a characteristic common to those trees/region itself. We spent around 1 hour here and were on our way back as we had to reach home early and avoid peak traffic time.

Krishnagiri Dam

Krishnagiri Dam reservoir

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2 Responses to Krishnagiri

  1. Thillairasan.K says:

    Dear Friend,

    I don’t know about you. But i am happy to view your images of My Town Krishnagiri. My thanks to your DAM Image. Never ended……..

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