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Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, Lakkavalli

Another post on one of the forests of Karnataka. This time its Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary at Lakkavalli near Shimoga. We spent 3 days there in September of 2010. This sanctuary is a Tiger Reserve and the forest is very dense. … Continue reading

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Goa Beyond the Sun, Sand and the Surf

One of the most touristy places in India. The mini state of Goa where the crowds throng mainly for the beaches and the parties. However there is much more to Goa than these. A fact known to very few is … Continue reading

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Hampi. Beyond the ruins.

Hampi. The name brings to mind ruins in stone from the Vijayanagara Kingdom. Music in stone. But Hampi is not just about the Vijayanagara Kingdom and its ruins. Hampi has a side to it that not many know or realize. … Continue reading

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A post about one of the most coveted places that have been in my wish list since childhood. This place is a testament to the glorious days of the Vijayanagara kingdom which was a very powerful and wealthy kingdom in … Continue reading

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Valley of Flowers – Trip Planning

Visiting the Valley of Flowers National Park was a dream of mine, is by now known to you all too well. I am sure there are many more like me who will want to and should see this heaven on … Continue reading

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Valley of Flowers. Reaching base camp. Trek to Ghangharia

The Valley of Flowers series continues into the third post. The road journey with all its twists and turns lasts only up to Govindghat. The base camp for Valley of Flowers is however the tiny hamlet of Ghangharia. To reach … Continue reading

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Destination Valley of Flowers. The journey through Garhwal.

I am sure you’ve read about the enchanting Valley of Flowers, my dream destination which a few of us visited in August 2010. The journey to and from the Valley of Flowers was by itself an emotional roller-coaster filled with … Continue reading

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Valley of Flowers. Dream Come True.

A post on the most exotic place that I have visited till date. The most adventurous trip of my life (so far!). This place is surely a paradise on earth and no words can express the beauty of this place. … Continue reading

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This post is about a wildlife reserve which is not known to many people though it is not too far from Bangalore. I am talking about the Jayamangali Blackbuck Reserve at Maidenahalli which is around 100 odd kms from Bangalore.I … Continue reading

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This post is on Hyderabad, an important city in South India. Hyderabad is famous for its cuisine (Hyderabadi Biryani especially), Charminar, Chudi (Bangle) bazaar and Pearl Markets. We visited this city in January 2010. We had taken a week off … Continue reading

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